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Video of Slime Rancher Plortable edition - 3D artwork remake

Main video Render of the Final Image: 3D Remake of the Slime Rancher Plortable Edition Switch Cover Artwork by Aimee Cairns. Consisting of over 170 3D objects all of which have hand painted textures.

Quick overall video

Video of Slime Rancher Plortable edition - 3D artwork remake

This project was done as part of my course, and for this assignment, I had to create a 3D asset as if I was applying for the role of a 3D artist at a game company. Although the project allowed for personal interpretation in how this work was approached, I chose to go above and beyond by creating a whole scene instead of just one modelled item which is what I believe the breif intended students to do. I decided to try my hand at creating a 3D version of Aimee Cairns' original artwork for the Slime Rancher portable edition switch cover, the game is by Monomi Park.
My motivation for making this choice was to push and improve my abilities in a variety of 3D artistic domains. This included modelling, setting up the scene, and doing the labor-intensive hand painting of textures, bump maps, specular maps, and other effects. I decided to finish this entire project using Blender, a free and flexible programme. My goal is to work for myself after I finish my course, so I purposefully worked to improve my skills by using open-source tools like Blender.
The requirement to follow an established visual style added another level of difficulty, making sure that the colour palette and general aesthetics were true to the original concept. However, I added some personal touches by taking off Beatrix's bandages and face bandaids, which helped to create a more lively and fun environment. In addition, I changed Beatrix's head and body proportions to better fit my own artistic vision while keeping her fundamental characteristics.

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