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Character Model: Cyberpunk Scientist
Character Model: Cyberpunk Scientist

I was tasked with creating a playable character for a group game we were making as part of our coursework. The character takes cues from 'Monsters, Inc.' and 'Slime Rancher', fusing the roles of a scientist and therapist while also being combat ready. I expertly fashioned an owl mask, drawing inspiration from goddess Athena and historical people known as plague healers. The patches depicting the brain and heart symbols in the style of circuit boards represent the conflict between logic and emotion. In this colour scheme, yellow stands for happiness, pink for emotive choices, and blue for logical ones. Each texture was meticulously hand-crafted in Blender with a Wacom tablet for unmatched accuracy. Recovering and improving oneself are symbolised by the jacket's arrows, which stand for progress, and the crosses, which show that there are no wrong ways.

Monsters, Inc. Pete Docter directed,Pixar Animation Studios produced, and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.
Monomi Park both produced and released Slime Rancher. Copyrighted by Monomi park.

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